Ivo Pitanguy, Mandarin Oriental, tokyo
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spa @ Mandarin Oriental Tokyo review

Once inside the opulent, fragrant – thanks to the orchids swimming in an orchid fountain and others lined to attention on display – lobby of the spa, I’m greeted by the front desk staff and prompted to sit down.  They’ve been expecting me.  Unlike other Korean hotels, where the spa is on the B1 or lower floors, the Mandarin Oriental (from now to be known as MO) Tokyo has it on the highest floors.  You get the Tokyo skyline views and the satisfaction of being on top.   Tokyoites put a premium on height and every spa aspires to be closer to the gods.

My 2 hour spa experience starts with soak in the clouds, where the lights are dimmed and soothing instrumentals softly provide the soundtrack to this sauna of bliss.  My “lounger” with both back and foot massaging jets takes miles off my aching feet (I know, my pictures suck because of the lighting, phone camera and steam).  But, now I’m ready for round two with Shibuya, Ginza and Shinjuku.

I decided to go with the Opulent Rejuvenesence facial using Ivo Pitanguy’s products and would totally do it ten times over.   I was amazed at how much firmer my skin was after the treatment and how all the urban stress, jetlag, train transfers melted away with the right products and therapist.

Through every step, guests are involved in their treatment and are asked what their areas of concern are.  I like my therapists involved and mine did not disappoint. It’s all so indicative of the “your-my-time, escape” aspect of the MO Tokyo’s spa; it’s your choice and your treatment.  Therapists are only as good as their leaders and the spa manager leads from the front.  You really are the star here 37 floors up and everything about this spa emphasizes that.











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