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Park Hyatt Busan spa-ing #lumispa


Lumi Spa, Park Hyatt Busan, Haeundae gu, 1 Marine ro.

The spa situation for the southern half of South Korea is pretty much a wasteland as nowhere offers a true 5 star hotel spa experience. Sure, there is still the Paradise spa, but little else is happening in Daegu or Gyeongju to give Miss Spaist the pampering she needs.

But there is a shiny but flawed gem in Busan: the Lumi spa, Park Hyatt Busan, open from February 2013 in a newly designed 3rd and 4th floor spa facility.  Here’s a breakdown:

Vibe: Minimalist.  Light beige accents with granite stone walls all around.  The spa is understated and brightly lit with views of the sea, marina and then an apartment building;  feels like this came out of the IKEA Scandinavian light wood color playbook.  It’s very much in line with its sister hotel the Park Hyatt Seoul and what Park Hyatts are known for.

Intimidation factor:  Subtle.   Like many upscale Korean spaces, how you present yourself and what you’re wearing definitely plays a key role in the staff’s attitude.

Number of front desk people:  One to two.  This is important as a spa treatment requires personalized attention and the guest should never be left waiting.  I’ve been left waiting at the Park Hyatt before…

Response time: Immediate if they’re there. They search your name and give you the code of the day for the change room.   You can also just start right away for you business types where time is money.

Products: Kersten Florian and Natura Bisse.  High quality and incorporated into all treatments.  High quality, comfortable beds with soft, fluffy towels.  Kashmere robes add to the experience over generic branded bathrobes.

Price range:  bring your wallet as it’s Haeundae and a Park Hyatt.  It’s not unreasonably priced as it ranges from 135,000 won body massage/ 1 hr to a 380,000 won Ocean anti-aging caviar ritual pampering treatment.

Flaws:  Therapists.  I’ve been here 10 times and only been satisfied with the therapists maybe 4 or 5 times.  This is simply unacceptable for a Park Hyatt 5 star spa.  They do listen and try to make amends for mistakes that happened.  I just want there to be no mistakes because this is a seaside, gem of a property with the views and facilities to match.

Rating: Two Natura Bisse bottles out of four.

I go here because it’s a relatively close 5 star hotel spa to my city but I want to go here because it has become Korea’s best.







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