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Shiseido needs a lesson in customer service.

I really used to love cle de peau’s products and Shiseido in general.  However, their stubborn dogged determination to NOT help me has brought this to my blog.


I bought thIs sublime touche from Myeongdong Shinsegae department store in late 2012.


It’s a makeup highlighter pen for the face.  Very well regarded from Makeupalley.com and I was looking forward to using it.

You know how things get bought but put away and you find it years after?  This was one of those times.

Long story short.  The clicker stopped working and I was disappointed.   I took it back to Shinsegae.  Nada.  They said it was too old and even accused me of using it out and pretending to get a new one.


Eureka idea!  Mail it back to Shiseido in Ginza.  Japanese people will take pride in their product and definitely help me!

They’ve helped me….Helped me develop a strong dislike for their company by:

1. Having Shiseido Korea call and tell me it was a) too old and b) I must have used it too much, used it out

2. Showing me the empty envelope via photo and then telling me tough luck. No pen, no help.

They even took the time to photograph my empty envelope!  But won't help further without the sublime touche.

They even took the time to photograph my empty envelope! It left Korea with the product in there…

3. Lecturing me on the number of clicks the sublime touche takes to finish in one year.

#shiseidoalsosucks #worstcs #wasteoftime #customercomeslast

The moral of the story?  Don’t buy from Shiseido as they will take your money but leave you high and dry when something goes wrong.

Thanks a lot Shiseido, Ginza of Japan.

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