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Sister Spaist’s spa + tea time adventure @ Park Hyatt Busan

It was Sister Spaist’s birthday today and decided to take her down to the city by the sea – Busan.  To the spa (naturally!) and for one of the best afternoon tea sets in all of Korea.

Hence, the tea tray calls our famished bellies, all three British high tea tiers of it. Spa-ing is such sweet sorrow.

Many plump but plain scones occupy the top tier.  They’re surprisingly addictive when joined with the flanking cream, butter and fresh strawberry preserves.
Quibble:  the butter is awfully presented.   It looks like its ready to be spatulaed into a cake blender.  However, the cream is so thick and clotted that it could replace the butter entirely.

The sweets take the middle tier.  We have tea cakes made from strawberries in the form of tarts, lemon strawberry cheesecake and some chous.  The obligatory macaroons are there as well. I’ve never really liked the Park Hyatt Busan’s macaroons so didn’t touch them.

The sidebar seems to be an afterthought as it comes first with strawberry and chocolate desserts.  The jam cookie can come out soggy but the vanilla strawberry panna cotta hits all the right notes.  We could have done without the chocolate cream pudding.  It just doesn’t fit in very well with everything else.

The real winners are the bite-size tea sandwiches.  Crab and a freshly made mayo on a baby brioche demands seconds.  The chicken pate crescent brings a different texture to the meal from soft breads.  It’s a welcome  change.  Take a pass on the smoked salmon cream cheese.   Much too salty.

Aim for two bites.  Leave the one shots  for the weekend.

The whole point of afternoon tea is that it’s supposed to be delicate, it’s supposed to be relaxing and elegant.  Tea at the Park was just that and Sister Spaist loved it.

Oh, the spa was amazing too, according to her.   Miss Spaist will reserve judgment for another time ;).  Ta!






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