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Beauty bliss in the sky: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

 The MO Tokyo is what a spa should be. Tranquil, peaceful – with the perfect amount of service and pampering for your to completely veg out pre- and post-treatment.  This is the kind of spa you should want to schedule your day around. I’ve been there in the evenings but the daytime is definitely a treat on a bright, sunny Tokyo day.  

Get in early and soak in their Vitality Pool sauna lounger before your massage or facial.  Step into your Tokyo oasis of neck-deep warm water, and experience jet stream massages standing up, sitting down, or lying down.  Take in the views of bathing and spa-ing in the clouds.  

If glowing, younger skin is what you want then you need to have the MO Tokyo’s Biological anti-aging facial.


Bypass the same-same facial with intense serums, exfoliators and peels and opt for this piece of technological wizardry.  Your skin will thank you (the wallet will cry out in pain, though). Using cellular Iris Germanica ingredients made and sourced in Switzerland by Swiss Perfection and their ATS (Anti-Aging Trans-Dermal System) aesthetic machine and a cellular active collagen mask. 

You start your facial session with a rundown of all the products that will be used by your skilled facialist.  They will tell you that Tokyo is the only place outside of the Swiss Perfection clinic in Switzerland to offer this exclusive facial.  After getting tucked into your warm bed (under a plush blanket), my therapist gently cleansed my skin twice (once with a gentle creamy cleanser, and again with a foam and soft sponge).  Then it’s time to bring on the ATS machine. If you’re like me (and have sensitive skin and dislike heat), just hearing the words electric current can send your mind into a panic. But this machine is incredibly soft and gentle.   feels like a soft facial massage as the current wand works all over your wrinkles and problem spots.  The smooth applicator head ever so gently massages your skin, giving your face just enough of a lift that it doesn’t look plasticky. Now it’s Collagen time.

Their mask chalk full of high-quality pure Freeze-dried Collagen that has great tensile strength and is responsible for skin resilience. The ATS’ purpose is to enhance the benefits of the mask, whilst diffusing into the cutaneous tissues of the mask’s own anti-aging properties.

RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Secret Mask Set

Some of the Swiss secrets to perfection.

While the mask settles on your skin and I doze away about 2 hours into the treatment, I’m treated to a mini body and scalp massage.  Love this part!

VERDICT:  My skin looked so refreshed and rejuvenated, that I skipped on makeup post treatment (not even a swish of concealer) and went around Tokyo glowing until the flight home.   It was that good and worth the queen’s ransom. Now if only I could have this treatment every week at the MO Tokyo.  That’d be the life.







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