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on board with Grand Hyatt Seoul’s spa

Grand Hyatt Seoul: the spa

I’ve done a lot of treatments at the Grand Hyatt Seoul but never with Mr. Spaist so this time we would spend some quality time together at the spa with massage body treatments.


Hidden in the basement of the Grand Hyatt – a complete retreat and escape to serenity – it’s on the same level as the swimming pool, fitness centre and fitness studio but alone. A black obsidian facade welcomes us both to a quiet and calming couples treatment room. Our candle-lit treatment rooms sits along a corridor and the room is an interesting use of space. It’s a very much different concept than newer treatment rooms, as the treatment room is a whole square then divided up into rectangles.


Our 90 minute spa experience started with a couples massage in the Hyatt couples treatment room, where the lights are dimmed and jazz instrumentals softly provide the soundtrack.  We both decided to go with 90 mins full body but you can split the time between facial, massage, body contouring or a lemon sugar body scrub.  I had the warming Ginger muscle massage and Mr. Spaist went with the Spring Blossom orange massage from the sign above.

My therapist, Grace, listened to my concerns about my body problems, also told me how to stretch and keep myself limber and loose. The Mister almost fell asleep during his knot busting Spring Mandarin Orange treatment. Snoring is probably a therapist’s greatest compliment. He said his therapist had strong hands and a gentle touch. That made most of his work related stress just melt away.

Through every step, we, as, guests were involved in our treatments and are asked what our areas of concern were. Do you want your massage table heated? Please tell them about the pressure. Do you have any concerns you’d like them to focus on.  In-depth explanation of the quartz stones they used for my ginger massage.  It’s all so reflective of the personalized aspect of most Hyatt spas; it’s your choice and your for-me treatment.


Hence, they don’t skimp on towels or laundry. Our therapists must have gone through 12-15 towels for our limbs, torso and back and covering the bed. This is really important as another US chain hotel spa we’ve both been to barely used any towels in Yeouido.  One on top and one on the bottom – and they were stone hard, air dried towels.

The only thing we both found wanting from our treatment was the scents of the oils. They were either really diluted or meant to be benign? I love the smell of ginger and would have wanted a strong blend that I could indulge in my own aromatherapy. I know Mr. Spaist dreamt of citrus waltzing through his limbic system but was not to be.

About two hours later, after gently getting ourselves off from the incredibly padded and towel laden treatment bed, it was time for us to head back to the Seoul world. I spend a lot of time there because they really know how to treat guests. I was not always a regular but even as a novice Spaist – the consistency and quality is there.

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