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The power of Rose from Tata Harper: a review

Skincare products are subject to trends, like every other aspect of our ever consuming lives.  There are two big ones out in the market right now: the “rose powered,  infused, scented” and being “organic.”

Tata Harper’s new, limited edition Rose Hydrating floral essence is all of these things.  This limited edition /900 product is a standout in a beauty line that makes a difference you can see on your face.  As soon as the spritz of rose powered, infused and scented hydrating essence lands on my skin- WOOSH.  It disappears and soaks right into the skin – giving me a rosey glow.  Touching it with my palm and the skin feels as silky as a rose pedal.   The scent is a nice change from my usual Hydrating floral essence.

Will it work for me? I have been a faithful Tata Harper user since the brand debuted in 2012 and exposed to their whole line.  I’ve been using the Rose essence for nearly 2 weeks now, and I do see a difference, especially in hydration and moisture, which is what I most care about with the topsy-turvy weather conditions here in Korea.

Roses are one of a girl’s best friends afterall.  A definite recommended buy…while you still can.


Tata Harper Rose hydrating floral essence, only at  




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