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Bangkok spa-ing failure: Grand Hyatt Erawan spa

On this particular Friday evening, a Bangkok humid, heavy rainstorm raged outside, but it was cold and air conditioned within the fifth-floor spa at the i-Sawan spa @ the Grand Hyatt Erawan, where candles twinkled, soft, soothing instrumental background music and waterfalls tinkled just above an intimate whisper.

it's soo Thai

it’s soo Thai

I’d join the growing numbers of men and women visiting this spa and hotel for the benefits their tranquil spas offer the mind, body and spirit.  It was all downhill from here.  

When the spa therapist suggested their spa cottages, I probably should have heeded her advice as i-Sawan residential spa means exactly that!  The well-to-do residents in the apartment complex adjoining the Grand Hyatt use this as their gym and fitness center.   The spa change room is ALSO the fitness change room.  So much for intimate whispers…

spa-ing awaits

spa-ing awaits

The spa’s signature facial treatment  is an anti-aging facial from the ubiquitous June Jacobs brand.  I chose the 90-minute treatment in a normal treatment room.  Ugh, this was the beginning of all the problems to follow.

If an anti-aging facial is what you want, friends, then you need to a)  skip this spa b) get a spa cottage and book your treatment before nighttime.  The vibe I’ve had from my Bangkok spa-ing seems to be that certain therapists have their mind set on getting home and not being ‘ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen’.  


Bypass this Hyatt staple June Jacobs age defying facial with her intense serums, exfoliators and peel pads. They promise a “results-orientated” treatment but I think the stressful locker room scrum and clock watching therapist did me in.   While their collagen face mask settled on my skin and I dozed away, was treated to a facial massage plus a relaxing arm and hand massage.  Even this felt routine – I’m a big believer that spa-ing requires a very personal kind of energy exchange between therapist and client.  This was missing at the Erawan spa, as their minds were somewhere else, and mine annoyed from the get-go.  

And let me just say this. My skin looked so normal even with so much product on me.  Unrefreshed and un-rejuvenated, that I didn’t even take a selfie at the end.  Trekked to the Grand Hyatt for nothing.

Rating: One June Jacobs age defying blah blah bottle out of four.

sums up how I felt at the end of the treatment.

fitting metaphor for my treatment…

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