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Home spaing – fresh rose face mask review

Taking a break from Seoul’s hotel spas and indulging in a little home spaing with fresh’s Rose Face mask.

Here’s a Spaist breakdown:


Rose. Rose petals. I’m there.


Would prefer if it were in a tube. Hate jar packaging as it requires a spoon or scoop to avoid contaminating the material.  Jar and box isn’t extravagant or showy.  Simplicity rules with fresh.

Mask effectiveness

At first, it feels like smoother, nourished and moisturized from fresh‘s Rose Face mask.  It’s a wonderful product for a skin pick me up.  fresh says it can be used daily if need be.


3 Spaist stars out of 4

Would buy again.  Effective, pleasant smelling but let down by the jar packaging.  Unfortunately, this is how most cosmetics makers package their masks and something consumers need to live with.


looks like strawberry jam, doesn’t it?



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