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Spaing above the clouds: Four Seasons Guangzhou



No, it’s not a from Galaxy far, far away…


A “spa-cation” is easy to take as an afternoon trip and something I do quite often ANYWHERE in the world.  The Four Seasons Guangzhou was another great spa covered by Miss Spaist.

The FS Guangzhou definitely offers seemingly endless combinations of health, beauty and relaxation treatments, in a setting designed to emphasize the luxury, opulence and serenity that the Four Seasons always do so well.  The picture above there is from the lobby and it’s breathtaking.  I wasn’t a guest of the hotel but with views like that I might just have to stay next time.

A visit to Hua Spa, one of the city’s newest spas, in the sleek Four Seasons Guangzhou, is all about three things: height, flowers and personalized service.

Green- and brown-tone walls and wood and flower accents make up the softly lit, serenely slow-paced spaces where guests wrapped in luxurious robes and slippers sip herbal teas before and after treatments.

The spa’s philosophy is based on flora, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese relaxation traditions.  My Royal Jelly Balance Signature treatment is a blend of Asian techniques, including acupressure and the famous royal jelly made into serum form.

Feeling like a princess, I am escorted to a private ‘suite’ one of only six treatment rooms, each with soaker tub, steam/shower, huge changing area and with a view overlooking the River Pearl Delta.

(TIP: don’t let the staff tell you to change in the main sauna area as they don’t have a vitality pool and it’s rather cramped).


It’s not called Hua Spa for nothing…

I prefer to luxuriate in my suites’ steam room, don my cashmere-soft robe and go out for my flower inspired foot soak

This would be followed by a Kerstin Florian aroma body massage using rose oil mixed with caviar massage cream to help increase circulation, encourage muscle recovery and relaxation. My therapist really knew her stuff and I knew I was in good hands.

Next,  came the Royal Jelly radiant facial to refresh my urban sun and humidity plagued face.  This was exciting for me as Koreans don’t use it in cosmetics or spaing.  We do consume royal jelly but China let’s the power of the hive work wonders on skin pH and anti-aging.

Two hours went by in a flash and it was back to more jasmine tea and a small dessert.  I think fruit would have been better as I finished my treatment at 10:15pm.  Calories, my dear readers!

I would say the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental spas are 1, 1a in Guangzhou (which one is which depends on you).  My spaists there should be so lucky to have to choose between them.  Needless to say,  I will be back for more flowers, vistas and the Four Seasons service.






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