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3rd time’s the charm? JW Marriott Dongdaemun Diamond sublime experience

Inside the JW Marriott Dongdaemun’s 8th floor spa is a much better spa that someday may emerge.  Someday, but not today.  I really hoped the third time would be the charm for Miss Spaist and this spa.

That’s why I decided to spend my Seoul Typhoon Sunday afternoon having their biggest, baddest Natura Bisse Diamond sublime experience for 150 minutes.

First, the good news about my second-go-around with the JW Marriott Dongdaemun spa.

They let you take home your treatment’s Natura Bisse Diamond Experience products – Ice lift and Crema Essence.  The Spa also kept the time very well and didn’t skimp a minute out of the 150 total.

It’s nice to get the time I paid for and take home a ‘present’ of sorts.

Now for the bad news. The experience is maddeningly inconsistent, from the therapist omitting the magnetic cleansing for my right leg, failing to put the abdominal pillow on me and worst of all, the staff showing limited interest in my post-spa farewell.  Not to offer someone who just spent a considerable sum of money a walk-out to the elevator is unconscionable in a Korean 5-star hotel.  This isn’t a DIVA moment but a lack of simple courtesy in Korea.  Korean shopkeepers, shop people and restaurant owners are supposed to see customers off and offer a bow or at least a goodbye.

Now,  I don’t know whether it’s a Marriott hotel policy not to do that or just pure staff laziness but that needs to change #jwmarriott.

For the treatment:

I commend my therapist for her stretching routine (not every therapist and spa does this), a modernist technique she used to stretch my limbs after massaging them.   Not enough places care enough to do it on a normal, non Thai acrobatic massage.   The awkward part of the treatment was when she used an ill-fitted latex glove  to apply the crushed diamonds and micronized iron.

End result?  My body glistens like a diamond and sparkles in the light like an A-lister.  This is the part that soothes my Spaist conscience about the whole experience.  I like how my body feels after but the small, missed things still bother me.

The spa has elements of a good spaing experience — mid and high-end products of commendable pedigree (Aromatherapy Associates and Natura Bisse), commitment to a wide variety of face and body treatments, the benefit of being newly constructed  — but a lack of detail and experience get in the way of producing the WOW, 5 star ultra pampering experience that all JW Marriotts aspire to.  For now, the misses outweigh the hits (once again, see:

Perhaps the greatest spaing products ever...

Perhaps the greatest spaing products ever…


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