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Something dear to my heart: Uber, I love em’


Disclaimer:  I do not work for Uber.

And, I usually do not blog about anything non-spaist so this is definitely a momentous occasion here on

The truth is that, Uber is something dear to my heart, as I do not really drive here in urban (pick: your negative traffic adjective and insert now) Seoul.  Spaing around the city needs wheels and that’s where Uber comes in.   I used to play the taxi Russian roulette game and came up *facepalm, snake-eyes many times.

I’ve had the

  • verbally abusive (40%)
  • fare inflating (60%)
  • sexual perverted (20% but this goes up and up later in the evening)
  • nasal inhibitor requiring stinky (80%)
  • rare polite, educated and entertaining chatty cabbie (1%) 

Do the maths before the maths do you and you can see it’s a losing proposition for Miss Spaist.  Hence, line in the sand moment and no more if I can avoid it now with Uberrrrrrrr!

Let’s cover the basics for those unfamiliar with Uber.

Uber is a private driver/car hailing service that allows you to get a cab for about 30-40% more than you would pay for a standard cab in many cities around the world.  The plus or kicker is that they drive high end luxury cars and generally try to give value-added service in the form of water bottles, candies or a charmingly decorated plant in the cupholder.

No waiting in the rain for a taxi that never comes. You simply use your smartphone to hail a ride using LTE, wi-fi and GPS. Your phone tells you how long it will take to come and even shows your guy driving on the way.  You pay using a registered credit card and there’s no slips and fumbling for and with change at your destination.

Easy peasy Spaists…


tip: they’re actually cheaper in Japan than normal taxis.

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