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Sea View spa: wonderful Sunday spaing at Hyatt Regency Jeju


Spaing with the fishes.

Sea View is a small spa that probably does very well for itself no matter the season.

And why wouldn’t it?  It’s one great spa that brought its R game and totally relaxed Miss Spaist.

As to be expected, the Sea View spa has a lot of ocean touches from their sea shell oil containers to the colorful school of fish mural greeting patrons upon arrival.  The look is part quirk, with pride of place and island given to the coastal surroundings.


The staff just perpetuate the smaller city, kinder folks truth that happens in Korea.  Case in point, when I was running late and called to apologize.  All they said was safety first and told me to take my time.

No threats about shortened treatment time or sighing eyerolls to yet, another delinquent late customer.  The smaller city charm on a phone!

My treatment was their summer orange special, with a 60 minute body massage followed by a 20 minute cooling stone head massage.  First, they had me pick from a selection of three oils: bergamot, rose and peppermint.  My therapist would use the rose oil on my body and then peppermint for the refreshing stone head massage.


The room was not the newest or  fanciest treatment room I’ve ever been in but my therapist could work in some of the better 5 star Seoul hotels I’ve been to.  She was that in-tune and trained.

Her strong, supple hands worked my neck and shoulders for an hour then brought on the cold stones for a head massage.  She also did lymphatic drainage which is the way to my Spaist heart. I fell asleep and that is the greatest compliment a spa can receive from Miss Spaist.  Pure bliss in Jeju!

Minor quibbles:  the couples room is right in the lobby, no view and kind of small.  It’s my opinion that they need to work on Romance a little bit more and keep the newly weds secluded somehow.    There’s also no separation between spa and pool goers so afternoons are BUSY in the spa area.

The Sea View @ the Hyatt Regency Jeju  Miss Spaist’s first tropical island spa and what a first impression.  I’ll be back!

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