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Four Seasons George V: Parisian spaing at it’s finest!

My George V Four seasons spa treatments begins, as most splendid evenings do, with great anticipation. I’ve been looking forward to my Paris Grand spaing adventure for many months and it was finally here!

It’s quite busy at the Four Seasons Paris spa and that’s a good thing. Demand is unsurprisingly high for this Thursday evening with all sorts of fellow travelers and guests getting treatments.

Book online or call. One can’t simply walk into the George V spa; the best times are probably already booked so plan ahead Spaists! Their online system is first rate: easy to use, bilingual and very comprehensive. It’s miles ahead of the Hyatt Pure spa system.


Today’s treatment will be golden (and it was).

“This highly luxurious anti-ageing facial is inspired by 24-carat gold. Your skin will be stimulated to help produce collagen fibres, which in turn helps to reduce lines, delivers an immediate lifting effect and helps the skin to regain radiance and a youthful appearance.”

Like most premium luxury facials, it was a lovely relaxing treatment, and there was a noticeable difference afterwards.  I glistened and shimmered with Carita Paris’ serum all over my face.  My therapist said it was one of the hotel’s go-to facials for those wanting a natural sheen, lift and glow for a special event.

Downsides?  Not really a negative but a difference.  My lymphatic drainage/decollette massage was a bit tempered. I’m used to Asian lymphatic drainage and the Parisian one left me wanting.  I felt the therapist didn’t put enough effort into doing the drainage correctly but who knows.  It can boil down to training school and the therapist’s pierogative.  It’s not enough for me to not heavily recommend the George V spa for facials.

5 Carita Perfect trio gold serums out of 5






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