ESPA spa, Paris, Peninsula
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New spa on the old block: a Peninsula Paris spaist adventure


1 of 2 lacklustre pictures: fitting for the Pen Paris spa

Inside the newly opened Peninsula Paris is a better spa that hopefully will emerge (after a lot of retraining and reading this article) and find its footing in a highly competitive spaing city.

I had a chance to check the spa and have a treatment on my Grand Spaing adventure last week.


I was not impressed.


This particular spa doesn’t have the elements of a good spaist adventure – you need experienced therapists, a kind, knowledgeable and spa savvy front desk person and facial cleansing products in the female changing area.  How else shall I get my makeup off? Hmm.

When I ask the front desk woman for a menu and want to spend my hard earned money on Biologique Recherche then please let me spend my money!

I don’t want to be told (3) times that there’s no menu and (2) times that they can only do ESPA facials.  The front desk person wasn’t openly rude but Parisian grumpy when I kept asking for something she clearly did not want to do.   Menus need to be on the waiting room table because I shouldn’t be pulling out my phone to search.  That’s just unacceptable behavior for any establishment, whether it’s a restaurant, bar or spa.  A good spa matron should be asking questions, delivering answers and probably selling her spa’s services to the customer.  This woman didn’t want to serve or wasn’t properly trained and that shouldn’t happen in a hotel.

Naturally, my treatment wasn’t much better. The therapists were kind, gentle but inexperienced in delivering a great massage.  She didn’t really focus on my problem areas and was all over the place with the hot stones.  A hot stone  massage requires consistency when placing and massaging with them in your hands.  NOTE: I had to ask for this rather than the dictated Aromatherapy massages.

Last but not least.  The wood paneling on the floor creaked everytime the therapist would move and totally ruined this spaist’s mood.  Imagine this – massage, massage then crack, BOOM, crack.  This went on for 90 minutes…

For now, the presence of all these things make the Pen Paris spa a very unpleasant place to be.  I regret wasting myprecious Parisian evening going there and you probably will as well.


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