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Looking for spaing in all the wrong places – a pleasant Grand Hyatt Fukuoka surprise

where true beauty lies…


Mr. Spaist came home from the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka as a very unhappy spa goer.  I have to admit that I had very little hopes for the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka but my love of all things rose tempted me to give it a try for my birthday.

I don’t regret going there.  Infact, it was probably in my top 5 of all-time facials?!  Am I cray, cray?  How a fitness center converted spa in Fukuoka can beat spaing hotel stalwarts in Hong Kong and even Bangkok.

My 150 mins Rose Otto deluxe treatment left my skin glowing for about a week and a half later.  That is something that rarely happens to me in Korea and even with more expensive, higher end hotel spa facials in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

The things Mr. Spaist wrote about still ring true such as the hot water foot soak.  At least lie to me and say some rose oil is in the water.  I would have believed that since the whole place smelled of roses!

The second thing is that they need to “finish” off their treatments with a proper send-off.

The therapist shouldn’t just leave me in the female changing room area and go away.

I ask for water.

Please bring it to me since I just spent 2.5 hours under your care.  

Don’t cheapen the experience by leaving me to find water for myself.  It’s like a date bringing me to the edge of my parking garage rather than driving me to the door.  Who does that?

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s  club at the park do leave you in the relaxation area but not without leaving you with a cup of warm tea and some fruit.   It’s the little things that count in spaing.


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