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Final spaing of the year: Lumi spa, Park Hyatt Busan preview

Spaing above those trees (literally, 4f)!

Happy belated Christmas and an early Happy New year to all my readers!

Welp, the year is almost over and I’ll be having my last spaist experience of the year shortly at the Park Hyatt Busan.

More thoughts to come afterward!  In the meantime, lose yourself in their description of the Hot Winter Caviar and Ginger package.—hot-winter-caviar—ginger-package.html

“Park Hyatt Busan’s Lumi Spa is pleased to announce its Hot Winter Caviar & Ginger Package: a programme that revitalises dry and sensitive skin during winter through facial skin care.  The body massage programme assists blood circulation and helps to eliminates toxins, as well as increasing immunity.

 The Hot Winter Caviar & Ginger Package is a special winter facial and body programme which lasts for two hours, and helps sensitive skin damaged by the variation between indoor and outdoor temperatures.  Firstly, the facial treatment deeply hydrates the skin through protein-rich caviar and soothing damask rose, as well as powerful antioxidants to revive wrinkles and pigmentation.  The ginger renewal body massage helps to revive cold hands and feet by stimulating blood circulation, relaxes muscle pain and eliminates toxins thanks to the unique components of ginger.  For the body massage, the pressure level can be chosen as a personal preference for a truly comfortable experience.”




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