Guangzhou, Mandarin Oriental, Natura Bisse
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One of the good – MO Guangzhou’s spa


I don’t often believe what I read in the narcissistic, self published hotel magazine articles but this one about the MO Guangzhou is pretty accurate.  It truly is an MO hidden gem.

– a stunning interior, gorgeous really

-top-notch building materials


My experience there was a mixed bag but I believe in this spa and its director, Ms. Sara Codner.  Not everyone listens to concerns bright and early at 9:30am the next morning.  Not every facility does their best to make it better either.

And you wonder why I have been bothering Mister Spaist to find a work related reason to go back to the GZ…

It’s one of the good and shine bright like a diamond MO Guangzhou Spa, like Ri-ri says!


ps: I’ve heard through the grapevine that they switched to Natura Bisse and offer Diamond facials….arghh why can’t it be closer from Korea??

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