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Healing yourself new: Shangri-La Tokyo’s must-have Omoiyari ila preview

Review coming soon spaists!  Booked so I can spa with the trains at CHI Spa, Shangri-La Tokyo.


Omoiyari Ritual/Journey For Inner Peace

This exclusive journey is partly derived from our Karuna Kaya ritual, which is inspired by Buddhist teachings. The deep and rhythmic body work of this treatment realigns and softens the muscular system and stimulates and restores the smooth energy flow of the body through firm, deep and focused movements.

Ila’s Inner Piece Oil 

Following this massage, the Omoiyari Amethyst Wrap is used to bring about tranquillity and relaxation. This treatment is the perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation and a testament to the balancing nature of yin and yang energies.

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