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Find your Inner Peace at Shangri-la Tokyo: an ila massage review


my humble room @CHI spa

The blurb: https://missspaist.com/2015/01/30/healing-yourself-new-shangri-la-tokyos-must-have-omoiyari-ila-preview/

Deeply healing and calming thanks to the cupping of the hands, stimulation of the energy centres along the spine and the wonderful jasmine scented oil for Inner Peace (who knew that could be bottled?!).  The therapist’s massage motions and going along the chakra of the body helps bring you to a rejuvenated end.

The treatment: In one word, this massage was mystical.  I’m not one to believe in one-touch healing or miracle healers but something CHI spa’s Omoiyari Ritual for Inner Peace healed up a slight ligament strain.

The ila system, rather than being of the Korean elbowing, pinching, kneading and unknotting school of thought, is based on energy flow and is far more subtle.  You feel your therapist working the body’s laneways and they do put tons of long strokes for 90 mins.

The lighter touch by no means equates to inefficiency, and I was left bewildered at the difference between a “body” treatment and this ila one.  Less is more in Japan!

To begin with, therapist Kurume, ‘cupped’ her hands over the seven chakras on my body, working from bottom to top along base, water, fire, heart, throat, third eye and crown. I could swear I heard some light humming but by then I was just enjoying the massage element too!

The aim of this massage was to relax and achieve a surge of energy, flowing from the feet to the top.

The massage ended a sleepy 90 minutes after the first deep breaths with the familiar Shangri-la Tibetan bell.

All the ingredients used by ila are chosen for their high levels of energy. This is part of the ethos of the system created by former yoga teacher Denise Leicester and her fabulous brand.

The combination of these ingredients, the energy tapped into, and excellent therapy made for a fantastic healing experience at a very deep level.

My only regret was having to go in a taxi back to Andaz Tokyo and not straight to a Horizon Club bed for an Ila led slumber. Recommended!

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