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What ado Aman? Aman Tokyo spa’s puzzling non-response


yes, the Sarang pout is back and aimed at Aman Tokyo’s spa

One place where the adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” definitely does not apply is a new luxury hotel spa.

I figure that a lot of Japanese customers don’t like to complain and a lot of people will just not come back and never say why.  I could cancel our reservation there in two weeks and be done with Aman Tokyo.  That’s the easy way out. 

Well-run spas should welcome guests asking for spa brochure materials.  They should also welcome constructive complaints.  I know Shangri-la has always thanked me for speaking up and asking for feedback at the end of treatments.  Grand Hyatt Seoul and JW Marriott Dongdaemun provides feedback cards.  And the best way to help them — and yourself, when you’re sitting there with a badly done facial — is to speak up right away.

That’s why I’m putting this out here because Aman Tokyo’s spa reception staff really needs to learn to reply to guests.  Not sure if being a non-hotel guest plays into it but 9 days and counting for a piece of spa literature is too much.  Non hotel guests should be treated well too because if they’re impressed enough — they’ll become your guests.  Hotelier 101.

It seems like they just wanted to take my reservation and then were done with me.

Say it ain’t so Ms. Kiyono and Aman Tokyo?!


  1. Jeffrey says

    Please no Sarang -pout…!!!

    Dear Ms. or Mrs. Spaist,

    Thank you for your note and having visited Aman Tokyo, this is Jeffrey the Hotel General Manager! Say it isn’t so…but it was…we didn’t get you your pics as soon as you wanted our apologies! If all we didn’t do was get your photos back my sincerest apologies…if you enjoyed the rest of your experience GREAT to hear! We certainly would like to have you with us again…my team and I received mails from your husband also in this regard today….thanks also to Mr. Spaist for taking his valuable time to support your efforts…certainly a family affair!

    Best Regards from the entire team at Aman Tokyo!

    ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine

    Safe Spa Travels…


  2. Dear Mr. Seward,

    Thank you for taking the time to grace my humble blog. You will get a chance at redemption soon enough and I hope your staff are ready for it.

    Miss Spaist

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