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Andaz Tokyo review: Hotel thoughts with a hand from Mr. Porter!

One of the best views from Andaz Tokyo! Courtesy of Mr. Porter

“The jewel atop Tokyo’s latest glitzy development, Toranomon Hills, Andaz feels welcomingly different and refreshingly personal. First, there’s the absence of a traditional lobby. Instead, you’re greeted by stylish hosts armed with tablets to deal with the check-in procedure in a far more comfortable and civilised fashion. Then there’s the washi paper and walnut partitions in each room, allowing you to customise the space based on your own personal style. Even the airy AO Spa offers a completely bespoke style of treatment: “Jiyujizai” (a Japanese term meaning “your creation”). You can choose everything from the herbs used to the style and structure of your treatment. The hotel’s aim is to “welcome guests as if they are friends in an unscripted and inspiring manner”. Design your very own comfort zone.”

Spa thoughts:  Brilliant concept but uneven treatments.  bad facials on multiple occasions.  I don’t think they’re bad people but just very green.  Unfocused and needs more improvement for their skills.  Standout: Yamagouchi-san takes the Oscar.  Her skill level is the best at AO and one of the must-have therapists.

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The Andaz Large King. A 65sqm corner room with wide windows that maximise natural light – with views of Tokyo Tower or the Imperial Palace grounds.

Miss Spaist’s thoughts:  A very fine room. Spacious with a generous sized bathroom and soaking tub.  Just missing a vanity table like every other room, minus the Sky view suites.

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