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Get out those books: a remedial lesson for CHI spa, Shangri-la Tokyo

Spaists, parents and teachers are not supposed to play favorites.  Each spa, child and student has his/her own personality, charms and challenges.

Even my favorites, which have unique properties that need to be approached without preconception or partiality.  It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the CHI spa at Shangri-la Tokyo and they usually always do the best spa treatments in Tokyo.

For Lunar New Year, I assumed this blogpost would be another winner.  Two treatments that I know and love, with a spa that I know and love.  How could this fail?

The spa didn’t but the therapists did. This past weekend at CHI spa was a hot mess of lax service and improperly done treatments – a Shangri-la first in my experience.

To their credit, Spa Director, Ms. Yumiko Yamagouchi, sees it similarly and promised different, improved results next time.

The treatment rooms are still immaculate and pristine.  A quiet oasis in a bustling city and the teak wood always evokes a Indonesian or Thai getaway, but the heavy use of brass, Tibetan artifacts and chanting music are supposed to put you in “Shangri-la”.

Saturday night:

Pretty treatment rooms aside, Saturday had a major problem in that the Inner Peace Ila massage didn’t go anything like here: https://missspaist.com/2015/02/03/find-your-inner-peace-at-shangri-la-tokyo-an-ila-massage-review/.  First was the chanting (or there lackof).  One night, there was no chakra pointing or massaging.  Ila’s beautiful massage oil went to waste if they weren’t going to follow the Ila routine.  Freewheeling when a spaist is in the house is disappointing because like any good parent — I’m going to notice.

One day later, the Ginkgo massage happens and this brings me to the Lunar New Year Shangri-la spaing’s second problem: complacency.  Maybe I lavished too much praise on this spa?  Perhaps the therapists were hungry and wanted to go home?  I did hear their stomaches grumbling during the treatment.  It’s often the human element that we forget in spaing and even Japan’s finest can make mistakes.

The Ginkgo facial was ok but nothing like my previous one.  The therapist kept on massaging my body for over 45 minutes and it felt almost like she didn’t want to do the facial.

Yes, the Ginkgo facial (like all other facials) comes with a partial body massage, but that doesn’t compensate for the sloppiness of the facial.

This is one favorite spa that needs to stay after school for remedial lessons.

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