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Park Hyatt Seoul: putting the boutique (read: small) into boutique spa 

Park Hyatt’s “Park Club spa” is Hyatt Korea’s only Seoul, south of the Han River based spa offering decent facial treatments but crowded, claustrophobic facilities and a snooty, Gangnam staff attitude. 

Park Hyatt Seoul’s Spa isn’t a successor to the Spa in the Grand Hyatt Seoul either.  Not by a country mile.   

Nor does it look, or spa like its relative on Namsan. The bland beige wood decor and worn treatment room chairs from the 2005 opening need a refresh.  The treatment rooms are even smaller than Grand Seoul’s with the only difference being high above ground vs. B1 at Grand Hyatt’s spa.

A lot of Gangnamers dislike going north of the Han — the driving distance, age of places, perception that their zipcode and Gu is better.  This spa is right up their alley and Gangnamers do frequent here, if not smaller ones like the SK-II spa in Cheongdam.

Miss Spaist’s problems with the Park Seoul’s spa lies elsewhere.

Receptionists seem to have been hired largely for having the right look Gangnam girl look and attitude.  Don’t expect them to candy coat the spa’s lack of availability.  Might as well ignore the one who tells you they’re full for the day while eye-balling what coat you’re wearing, bag you’re carrying and accessories present.  Miss Spaist came here three times and only experienced decent treatment once when armed with a reservation time.  Being a hotel guest doesn’t get any special treatment either (I tried).

It’s a strange spaing experience. The footbath is done 5 cm from the treatment bed and the bed only centimeters from the cupboards.  I’m not too claustrophobic but this place is a spartan, space shock compared to other Seoul and other major urban city spas here in Asia.

Club Park uses Natura Bisse products and it’s hard to screw up facials using the Diamond line.  It’s like being given the keys to a Porsche and asked to do a milk run.

The facial works and I glow my usual Diamond Bliss, but not enough to make me want to return to Park Hyatt Seoul’s spa.

Why? Everyone is so snobby, rude or awkward, from the receptionist who refuses to check the schedule to the managerial type who can’t quite explain the difference between namu and the ‘korean’ elements in their menu (see here: 

It is possible to have a great spa treatment in Seoul with gracious service in a bigger room. The Conrad does it well in Yeouido and JW Marriott Dongdaemun too.  Grand Hyatt Seoul might be an older hotel but at least their staff will do their best to accommodate last minute bookings and newcomers.

Boutique small spa with bad service = never again



Pretty dull looking if you ask me.



The keys to the Porsche…

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