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The ultimate luxury experience…or not: A spaist’s brief time at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

What could have been…

Ever feel like you’re the odd person out at a happening spot?

I’ve been having a similar feeling since having a chance to try one of the most renown luxury hotels in Tokyo; while others sing its praises, I just don’t get why anyone would stay or spa there.  

Grand Hyatt Tokyo, as the name suggests, is a Tokyo hotel icon designed by Superpotato and in the Mori-led Roppongi Hills complex, yadda yadda.   Hold it up to the luxury competition and not much shine or luxury gets through.  It’s missing night doormen, as my poor partner juggles two boxes of champagne, our 2 luggage pieces and my camera bag.  So far, so good – and this is at 11pm when we’re tired from the flight to Tokyo.  This was probably the second hint of trouble for our cherry blossom hunting weekend.

The first?  Well, it’s on me, as Miss Spaist, tried to make a nighttime booking on the previous Monday for the next Sunday evening treatment.  I failed, miserably.  My advice is to book ahead if you want to goto Nagomi spa. My spaist contacts wax on about this spa – its programs, facilities and therapists.  I will have to live in ignorance;)

On to the room:  Nothing special even after an upgrade (I can only imagine what a standard room looks like).  The room was the only thing that could have saved GH Tokyo in my eyes.  They kept their word on a dressing table but gave us a room by the elevator (loud kids in the morning) and without any sort of midtown view.   I jokingly asked Mr. Spaist if he had booked us a Toyoko Inn.  Eighth floor.  Ventilation covering, driveway canopy view and not much else.

The worst part of it all?

The hotel didn’t even bother to try to keep us there.  

They gladly let us walk to their sister property in Toranomon and it turned out for the better.  Miss Spaist got her views, impeccable food, service and her favorite jiyujazai AO spa treatment.

 Your time and money will be better served by staying and spaing at #shangrilatokyo, #andaztyo, #motokyo, #ritzcarltontokyo.  Who said being the odd one out was a bad thing?


Miss Spaist


The famous Nagomi Japanese stone furo bathtub in the Nagomi suite. Maybe someday but not Sunday.

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