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Chantecaille’s Detox Clay Mask with Rosemary and honey review


Chantecaille’s Detox Clay Mask with Rosemary and Honey, sold at Shinsegae department store, Gangman branch

On this rainy Sunday in Korea, I decide to relax with my favorite gal, Sarang and do some first-time home spaing with the famed French cosmetics house Chantecaille.


Just me and Sarang (*heart)

Chantecaille describes the mask as follows: “A soft, purifying black clay mask that detoxifies the skin without drying or irritating. Tightens pores and radically improves skin’s smoothness. Balances oiliness and eliminates blemishes and blackheads. Restores lost minerals, firms and improves skin tone.”

To be honest, I have never liked clay masks because I found them too harsh and stripping.  I avoided them in favor of physical mask like SK-II’s Facial Treatment mask or La Prairie.

This Chantecaille mask looks like a heavy deep clay mask but the application is NOTHING smothering or overpowering.  I like how this mask doesn’t cling and numb the skin as it settles. 

Smells like more honey, rosemary then a smidgen of clay.  Very welcoming and gentle.

The aftermath:  I applied it generously to my skin (forehead, down the nose, around the eyes and on the tops of my cheeks) for roughly ten minutes before I rinsed off in the shower under tepid water.  Shower is best, because this mask can make your white countertops become grey and clay soaked! 

The mask came off as easily as it went on – smooth like butter.

The verdict:

Every cosmetics brand has a clay mask but Chantecaille’s honey and Rosemary make the difference here.  A must buy for any Spaist.  I loved my first Chantecaille soooo much, that I went, and bought one (or five items) from their Rose de Mai line.

More Chantecaille coming soon!

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