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We’ll always have Opium: the Siam Bangkok’s ‘so-good-it-should-be-illegal’ Opium spa


“There’s no Opium here”

The front desk woman must have said that line a thousand times, but for the thousandth and one time, she always does it with a cute smile and laugh.  You won’t need drugs at the Art Deco-themed urban resort The Siam and you will come out feeling on a natural high from the machinations of the amazing therapists at this riverside oasis spa.

the Opium den, picture courtesy of the Siam Bangkok

The Opium Den: The dimmed lights.  Dark hues.  Sophisticated East and Southeast Asian meets Art-Deco accents have the feel of an aptly named opium den from the history books.  The vast space is filled with only five suites, each of which is incredibly spacious, luxurious and among the best treatment rooms I’ve ever stepped into.  This is a place to get lost in yourself and come out feeling like a new person.

The treatments: All treatments here are exclusively designed and make use of Sodashi products, a chemical free, organic Australian cosmetic line.  Their hand cream is something you need to take home with you! Feel free to ask which treatments fit your lifestyle, from the de-stress massage to rejuvenating facial treatments.  Miss Spaist did the Thermal Infusing facial.  They claim it’s nature’s Natural Facelift and I can’t argue with the results.  A richer, firmed and plumped skin after the treatment and for the rest of my Bangkok trip.


I also recommend you try ANY massage body treatment here because the therapists are that good.  Your Thai adventure should include some Muay Thai fighting but you don’t have to get pummeled in the ring; not with the 90 minute Muay Thai massage that combines Thai and Swedish techniques to release stress and deep muscle tension.   The traditional Swedish massage will also have you feeling like putty afterwards.

We’ll always have Opium.  Opium spa, that is.  The one spa that any Spaist needs to visit when in Bangkok ahead of any other competitors.

Can’t wait to be back next month…


Photo doesn’t do the place justice.



Ming China artifact – one of many on display at the Siam

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