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SALTY: Korea and Japan Hyatt’s luxe bathing put to the test


Bath salts are such a gift to any hotel stay and today, Miss Spaist, has the pleasure to review some of the finest from my favorite Hyatt hotels in Korea and Japan!


ANDAZ Tokyo (Coriander and eucalyptus, Spring variety.  Seasonal blend and in all rooms)

What I Liked: Balanced seasonal ingredients with unique, inspiring blends.

What I’d Improve: A little more scent and bathwater presence.

Conclusion: A unique bath salt that needs more ooophf. Delivers seasonal variety and organic, locally sourced Japanese quality though.

Park Hyatt Busan (Yuzu citrus bath, all rooms, general hotel amenity)

What I Liked: Impressive wet bathwater presence (flower pedals or herbs) and soothing Yuzu citrus scent.

What I’d Improve:  Packaging fits Park Hyatt motif but feels cheap and uninspired.  Questionable composition with strong, possibly orangey artificial coloring and scents.


Seems quite unnaturally yellow and smells a bit artificial (but good).


Conclusion: An okay choice for anyone wanting a yuzu warm bath and unconcerned with organic credentials.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto (Yuzu Kousaido brand locally sourced bath salts, made in Kyoto Prefecture)


What I Liked: Elegant, cute packaging and appearance. Very much fitting a place like Hyatt Regency Kyoto.

What I’d Improve: Subtle scent not for everyone. Packaging isn’t so eco-friendly with foil packaged sealed salts and orange Yuzu paper wrapping. One combined product might be better, but wouldn’t be as meticulous and elaborate as Japan.

Conclusion: A very good bath salt for Spaists who appreciate appearance and quality.

Missing mentions:

Park Hyatt Seoul – Similar to Busan’s but pink!

Grand Hyatt Seoul – Next time.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo – not sponge ‘picture’ worthy in best Elaine Benes voice.

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