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Chantecaille’s Rose de Mai Face oil – Korean Spring skin saver!

I’ll be honest, in the spring, my whole beauty and skincare upkeep becomes as varied as the weather.

Korea, and an office environment can be about the hottest livable environment with LCD screens, computers, poor ventilation and inane government regulations about keeping the thermostat at 28-29 degrees Celsius.

Then, I inevitably have to face the outside for lunch or running errands and the added obstacle of the elements (sun, wind, yellow dust, cold, rain – like this weekend) that really messes with anything resembling fair, clear skin.  

I think home with my beautiful Sharp plasmacluster humidity controlling air filter is really the last refuge.


Here’s how to make it through Korean spring without looking like your handbag.


Delivering immediate hydration in just a few drops, the lightweight yet lush Rose de Mai Oil helps rejuvenate and clarify skin, creating a healthy sheer glow.

Ultra nourishing plant oils harvested from four corners of the world, combined with a high concentration of pure and active plant ingredients work immediately to create supple, dewy skin. Over time the formula strengthens and tightens collagen to visibly smooth the skin and boosts skin’s metabolism to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase firmness.”

Part of the Chantecaille 5, that I ordered, after my first foray into the Chantecaille lineup with their absolutely fabulous Honey Detox mask.

The Rose De Mai oil goes underneath my moisturizer at night. Rose extract is both hydrating and anti-inflammatory, these oils leave my skin feeling calm, smooth, glowing and—thankfully—not at all like a reptiles’. The smell is intoxicating too. Floats gracefully on the nose and throughout the day. But, not overpowering like a perfume, either.
Tara Harper’s limited edition rose floral essence was good but Chantecaille’s makes theirs look and feel elementary. The Rose de Mai sprayer is also miles better than Tata Harper’s cloggy, horrible golden spraytop (a story for another time).

This one doesn’t come cheap at 225,000 Korean won from Shinsegae but you do get what you pay for. I really feel that with Chantecaille and it’s definitely my new go-to Spring weather skin solution.

1 down, 4 to go for the Chantecaille 5. Tune in next time Spaists.

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