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RIRAKU spa Hyatt Regency Kyoto: the penultimate treatment ‘Riraku’ review

Spa review: a weekend spa marathon session at RIRAKU spa, Hyatt Regency Kyoto.


The streamlined, secluded Hyatt Regency RIRAKU spa was my place of refuge this past Sunday afternoon.

The goal:  Enjoy the best and longest treatment Hyatt Regency Kyoto has to offer.  Go big or go home on Mother’s Day! I had done everything else at this spa so why not go for their penultimate treatment on the menu?  I spend my day (and pretty much, life) in my office, at functions, on planes and in hotels, What I needed was this time off to help me refocus on my overall well-being. The treatment:  The RIRAKU package is really a combination of the 90 minute Herbal Body mud, 90 minute Aromatherapy body treatment and 70 minute Chidoriya Organic facial.  It comes out 6000 yen cheaper than stacking those 3 separately so that’s another plus right off the bat :). This RIRAKU journey aims to provide a whole body sensory experience  through the herbal mud,  Dead sea salt scrub and acupressure aromatherapy.  The finisher is an all hands facial  treatment using Japanese organic brand Chidoriya.

The place: This is where the marathon encounters its first roadblock. Situated in the leafy historical Higashiyama district in Kyoto, the spa has 2 spa suites including 1 for couples and 1 individual, single person spa suite (the one I was).  I had received a normal treatment room for my RIRAKU journey.

I was not impressed.

The staff eventually changed me into an individual suite room but the suite should be standard and complimentary, Hyatt Regency Kyoto.

No one wants their best package to come in a plain wrapper.

Sidebar: the suite’s Toto jacuzzi isn’t the prettiest (or biggest) but it can deliver a water jet massage like no other!

like no other hotel jacuzzi I've ever been in!

like no other hotel jacuzzi I’ve ever been in!


The Organic facial lineup – Hyatt Regency Kyoto, RIRAKU spa

How it went: Fast and well. It didn’t feel like 240 minutes on a bed and never felt like the therapist was rushing. My aromatherapy left me kneaded and content and the Chidoriya facial never fails to generate a gentle glow.  The Peach Moon herbal water is a must try and buy!

The details: 50,000 yen or $417 USD, 240 minutes. Sign me up again but make the spa suite standard (*cough Hyatt Regency Kyoto) because appearances do matter and a hotel of its caliber should never be seen skimping on it’s primo-luxe, penultimate package.

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