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Before the rain: Part 1 of a ‘Perfect Day’ at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Oriental Spa 

Oriental Spa had me at the secret push door.

The Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental could not have felt more like a private retreat.  One earned from hours of walking, sweating and picture clicking around Bangkok.  They taking spaing so seriously that it has its own complex across the Chao Phraya, across from the main building.

The only thing better would a boatman gondola rowing me into a spa berth but alas, you have to settle for the hotel shuttle boat from pier to pier.

Oriental Spa is classically Thai – golden teak wood, sensuous aromas, stone Buddhas, a florist’s dozen flowers, and quintessential Thai everything, while immaculate women in immaculate silks float and take care of your every need.  Often imitated but never bested – Thai spaing at its finest.

Now, back to that special door.

They say the best place to hide something special is in plain sight and that’s the MO Bangkok’s Oriental Suite.  You would never guess their best suite is right there infront of your eyes.

There are no stairs to walk.  Nobody else to encounter.  Push the mirror by the counter and walk into your..err my “Perfect Day” treatment mansion.  Others have called this a treatment room but this was no room.  Encompassing the whole left handside of the Oriental Spa, the suite is bigger than some people’s apartments in this part of the world.

         Cover spaist:  Not everyday you get what’s advertised!  credit: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

You know it’s not a room when you have to spend a minute walking around shooting a video to grasp the size of it all.  I tried taking pictures but that was just silly and a waste of time.  A million photos couldn’t properly convey the space I was in for at MO Bangkok.

It had everything you could need in an ensuite bathroom, dressing room, jacuzzi, massive walk in shower that doubled as a steam room (watch those toes!), marble heated scrub bed, couches for you and your party, magazines and an elevated treatment area home to two Thai style treatment beds.

Now to the treatment details:


DURATION 5 h 30 m
  • Choice of Body Scrub (30 minutes)
  • Choice of Body Wrap (1 hour)
  • Choice of Massage (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • Intensive Collagen Facial Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Healthy Spa Meal (1 hour)
  • Herbal Tea, Fruit Juice or Mineral Water with Spa Snack

This was how I spent my MOnday – pun intended.

More to come later in PART II of a ‘Perfect Day’ at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s Oriental Spa.

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