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A Perfect Day ends: Part II of My MOnday in Bangkok


The sad farewell to Oriental spa *cries


Like many other MO spas we’ve been to, Bangkok’s has a very well composed range of treatments – many with local influences (hence, unique to this property) but also includes classic western treatments like the good ol’ Swedish massage.   If you came over from Part 1 ( then you know I decided to go big (before going home).


DURATION 5 h 30 m
  • Choice of Body Scrub (Chose Body Glow) (30 minutes)
  • Choice of Body Wrap (Chose Mud wrap) (1 hour)
  • Choice of Massage (Balinese-Thai hybrid) (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • Intensive Collagen Facial Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Healthy Spa Meal (1 hour)
  • Herbal Tea, Fruit Juice or Mineral Water with Spa Snack

With the ‘Perfect Day’ ritual, you get a choice for a) body scrub, b) body wrap and c) body treatment you would like.

We started off with the Body Glow scrub, using honey, seeds and flowers from Northern Thailand. Their spa literature says it’s supposed to re-energize the body but I felt it was the appropriate first step to just relaxing aka falling asleep.  I did come out of it, both, very smooth soft and relaxed so all was good so far.

Next was the Mud Wrap.  Where my therapist applied warm Thai mud all over my body.  This was supposed to draw out impurities and also relax the guest.  It worked – one more hour of peaceful dozing. zZzzz.

My personal recommendation for body treatment would be ‘when in Thailand’: go with Thai.  It’s not a knock on the therapists’ abilities to do other styles of massage like Lomi Lomi (from Hawaii) or Balinese but they’re in their element with Thai style.  What I like about Oriental Spa is that they’re very flexible about combining elements and other styles too – mine was a hybrid Balinese deep tissue with Thai stretching.  Next time, I’m going native and sticking with the contortionist, bone cracking full Thai massage!

The session ended with an intensive collagen facial from Valmont.  The facial treatment includes exfoliation using gentle beads, my favorite rose water as a toner, a collagen mask, and a wonderful face lifting massage. There was also scalp, neck and hand massage during the collagen mask.  After the mask was lifted, I emerged as sleepy-eyed, relaxed, and smooth like a newborn.

Sidenote:  I’m a spa product and brand whore, and, Valmont just doesn’t do it for me.  It was fine this one time but I felt the collagen mask was a bit rough on the skin.  I also think it comes from the fact that Valmont is sooo bastardized in Korea, where small, unmentionable wannabe spas use it.  Give me Swiss Perfection from MO Tokyo.


Some of the best in the business.  The therapists are superbly trained – my own had very confident, able hands, which was a nice change from the rookie therapist the day before at the Siam.

Miss Spaist never met her therapist or had even been to the Oriental Spa but she knew what I needed. Where the knots were. Where my work pain and aches came from. Indistinguishable from magic!

Verdict:  Day becomes night and like Cinderella’s evening, my Perfect Day, came to a close.  Miss Spaist can’t wait to go back for more and more.

The Basics:

Oriental Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok at 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok;+66(2)659 9000 ext 7440;; 17,500 Thai baht for 5.5 hours.

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