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Rough Diamond on the Chao Phraya: the Siam Bangkok

We begin this review of The Siam, Bangkok with the décor.

This is a must. The Bangkok property is, after all, owned by the Sukosol family, a family collaboration between the Sukosol Clapps and globally acclaimed architect and designer Bill Bensley, the interior designer who once overhauled dated dining rooms on Restaurant Makeover.  No expense was spared for this property.


Design. Sunshine. The day started off brightly.


The designers painted The Siam’s brick façade white and it glistened in the Bangkok afternoon sun. The walk in from the pier, where guests enter, shows you an elegant infinity pool (a tad small one for Miss Spaist’s swan, though).  It is welcoming with natural light all around the property.  Then, warmly lit, the spa hallway leads to the tallest spa waiting room ceilings I have ever seen.  Opium spa is a refreshing contrast from pure Teak dark woods that welcomed me to some of Bangkok’s other million-and-one other spas.

Today’s spa treatment wasn’t Opium levels of ecstasy.  My Muay Thai massage was a Swede in disguise.  To their credit, the spa manager brought out a much better therapist and offered me a solid 20 mins extra treatment.  She would be the therapist I would want to Muay Thai my jetlagged body.  Her hands have seen and done it all.

They ended up forgetting us on the Pier.  Apparently, their luxury hotel shuttleboat was doing a private event and no one bothered to inform the spa.  The front desk told the MO concierge that it was ready for 5:30pm to take us back down the river.

5:30 came and no boat?!?

After about 20 mins of being in the dark, we were unceremoniously shuffled into a cab.  No luxury hotel car to take us back. No real apologies from the bewildered, confused Siam staff.  Just another money grubbing BKK cabbie that used the long, non expressway route to take us home.   It was a pleasure to hear that we would be cabbing it home and cabbing it late to our dinner appointment.

If only the rest of the Siam Bangkok lived up to the beguiling design and architecture.  It isn’t a bad hotel but neither is it a good one, with inconsistent service and communication that veers between full-court press (spa attendants) and benign neglect (pier and front end staffers) — sometimes in the same evening. A rough diamond only goes so far.

If only such beguiling attention had been paid to us Spa guests.  A

PS:  We ended up having a fabulous dinner at Nahm, one of Bangkok, and the world’s top 50 best restaurants (22nd)! 

That was a nice cap to end a very unsatisfying day spa/guest experience at the Siam.



Tallest ceilings…ever.



Only in Thailand!



my airy treatment room.


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