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My Spirulina Spa Sunday at Park Hyatt Busan

Yesterday’s spa treatment was very last minute and from one of my “local” spas in Park Hyatt Busan.  Can’t always be gallivanting in BKK or Tokyo!

As previewed here:  preview Bright Body package -Lumi Spa, PH Busan

The treatment was going to use a Spirulina complex in a body slimming program for 90 minutes. Spirulina is a nutrient-rich freshwater plant that is high in protein.  In fact, it’s one of the most concentrated nutrient sources on the planet with as much calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as milk and more B12 than raw calve liver.  image

Its marine blue-green color comes from chlorophyll, making it both supremely healthy and can be used in Summer drinks (more on this later).


In its natural form – Spirulina

The treatment broke down as follows: 60 minute body massage 20 minute Spirulina body wrap with cleansing shower (by yourself) 10 minute Kerstin Florian algae facial

The final result was my relaxation, super smooth and hydrated skin that felt refreshed from sweaty Korean June.  Anna had great short, powerful strokes and just the thing I needed after a Seoul business trip. She was also very attentive by placing these outside of the shower BEFORE I went in.

Handy so I didn’t have to ask for some face cream and toner!



A relaxing evening in Busan and with my home spa at Park Hyatt Busan.   I believe the algae mask and spirulina body gel and wrap can have positive effects on sun beat skin.  That’s probably the “Bright Body” part of the summer promo.

The jury is still out about the slimming effects of this treatment because there wasn’t any kind of slimming massage involved.

Spirulina is a wonderful marine substance but even it can’t magically shrink arms and body fat.  You need hard kneeding and long strokes to take care of problem areas.  This is where a third option: slimming massage comes in.  I also recommend Lumi spa change their menu descriptions, because Rebalance is their deep tissue Swedish massage and the Organic Aromatic, uses three essential oils to balance hormones.  Needs to be switched around #parkhyattbusan


Using Spirulina in an after beverage would have been a nice touch too.  I believe that’s something Andaz Tokyo would have done but something Park Hyatt Busan needs to work on.

Omijacha tea is getting kind of boring


    • do you ever get tired of BKK-ing? Fresh baby coconut water. Authentic Thai curries. Fresh produce. Impeccable brunch and brunch backgrounds. RHD? lol

      We all have our trials and tribulations!

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