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MOre spaing: next up MO Shanghai’s 2,415sqm Spa!

World’s 13 most luxurious spas

Hmm, well the article should be relabeled Mandarin Oriental’s most luxurious spa treatments but I am honored to have had many of them :).

Next up: MO Shanghai’s MO Spa

Dragon and the Phoenix – 2 hour couples romantic bath and couples massage body treatment for moi and Mr. Spaist.

MOre details here:
“Dragon Phoenix adapts traditional Chinese healing wisdom to the changing season. Represented by red and gold, the mythical creatures, Dragon and Phoenix are often used to characterise the Emperor and Empress, and they symbolise the power of cosmic energy and marital harmony blessed with good luck and prosperity.

The Spa’s Dragon Phoenix treatment begins with a welcoming foot ritual and relaxing bath filled with aromatic gold osmanthus and red hawthorn. This is followed by a guasha-inspired couple’s massage using a custom-designed tool made from carnelian gemstone, which is applied to specific energy points to achieve balance and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.  Guasha is a traditional Chinese therapy of skin scraping that relieves pain and stimulates healing.

Hope we’re in this room!

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