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My Shangri-la story: not a happy ending with Shangri-la Tokyo

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.04.11 AM

My Shangri-la Tokyo story was one of many well-done treatments, caring therapists, personal gifts of appreciation for Satomi (hands down, the best therapist, in ALL of Tokyo) and a feeling of being at home.

not going to be a Happily Ever After…

Long story short.  A lot has changed (for the worst) with Shangri-la Tokyo and it always comes back to money. Don’t expect sincere apologies or service recovery.  Just don’t.

Maybe the corporate overlords in Hong Kong told Tokyo to turn a profit.  Maybe they just don’t care about us anymore.  Maybe Shangri-la just shouldn’t be sitting at the opulent luxury hotel table.

It truly is a shame that CHI spa must suffer a Miss Spaist boycott because of the (in)actions of the Shangri-la Tokyo management team. Luckily for me, Tokyo is a city with many, many other luxury spas and hotels.

Tokyo is my Spaing Oyster…

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