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lategram…err lazy late post – stillwater spa, Park Hyatt Toronto

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

This spaist adventure at stillwater spa, Park Hyatt Toronto was one of the weirdest I ever experienced as a spaist.   I liken it to getting your yearly check up at an OB-GYN or specialist doctor.  As you can see, the form down below was only missing a spot asking for my social…

The waiting room was like waiting at a doctor’s clinic as well.  You wait for your number to be called and then you go in.    They’re really trying to cover all their bases here in Canada.  Gynacology – check!

(Side note: I do find it interesting how you can use a Stillwater spa visit for insurance purposes.  Korean insurance companies would hate this SOOOO much.)
  The jacuzzi was showing its age and just enough for one person.  Don’t come here for the public facilities.

A very spartan treatment room to say the least and wasn’t very comfortable either.   Just very plain and utilitarian.  I would dare say, my clinic’s space and beds are more welcoming than this.

My therapist was an older lady.  No complaints about her technique but there was no a masseur, guest connection.  Hard to find a synergy on the first visit.  She did her job and left.  Very little chit chat for the entire time.  Business-like.

Park Hyatt Toronto is in need of a renovation or complete rebuild and I would say the same for the spa.   The Four Seasons across the road has brand new, gigantic spa and public facility space and Cauldalie at Shangri-la also has a giant, new space too.  I wont be giving up my favorite Asian spas for this Park Hyatt spa anytime soon!

Even the sink and cupboard resemble a doctor’s office with the teeny, weeny sink.  Where are the tongue depressors and alcohol swabs?

I know self serve is a North American thing but this was a bit ridiculous for a near 200 Canadian dollar treatment and they just plonk you down afterwards.  The detox waters could probably use a cover and some refrigeration too.

The champagne wasn’t mine but even free booze couldn’t make up for this different spaing experience in Toronto.  I don’t appreciate being unceremoniously dumped here in this food court-like relaxation room and told to help myself.  The customer service and guest experience could really use a lot of work here at stillwater spa.

Verdict:  1 ruby red Dorothy slipper out of 4

This is Toronto, not Kansas and a Park Hyatt for goodness sakes.

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