Amanjiwo, Indonesia
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spaing at Amanjiwo


hello from Amanjiwo

I consider this to be my real Aman initiation because Tokyo and city Amans don’t count.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this stay.  The spaing, on the other hand  started off good and ended very, very  weird.

The Jiwo staff have been nothing but exemplery so this spa therapist was definitely an aberration.

So, it all begins normal where the therapist gets me from our palatial quite and takes me to the converted spa suite.  They don’t have a spa facility in the sense of a city spa with centralized treatment rooms, bathing facilities and the like.

I like this tropical style for a change from the urban imitations that I always visit.

The Amanjiwo traditional ‘pijat’ massage for 90 mins is a Javanese speciality and done by local masseuses from the village.  You know, I had thought this would be the most kneading and pleasureful pain of massages I would ever have…

The reality was I couldn’t tell the difference between normal Swedish and this one.  It was decent but not really WOWing me either. 

The biggest letdown was the service.  She began with English greetings and chitchat but at the end only spoke Bhasa Indonesian.  She pointed to the doors and spoke more Bhasa.  I’ve no idea what this all meant so I just trekked back to our suite.

She might be a local villager.  She probably wasn’t trained as a hotelier.   But, she should definitely have escorted me back to the room and not spoken Bhasa when she knows English.  A very un-Aman like experience in probably the best Aman one can go to.

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