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Getting to meh- Landmark MO Hong Kong spa review

Well, I finally made it to the one of the  aspirational luxury spa properties on my HK bucket list.  Was a merry time at arrival. Walking through a Christmas wonderland in the Landmark building. Just sooo Christmasy and wonderful even though it was January 1st!



The Landmark MO’s spa facility is an alleged 25,000 square feet but it seems much smaller.  Maybe it’s from the whole place being windowless or my shoebox treatment room.

They aimed for an ecologically friendly minimalism and a fusion Asian Zen  decor.  They achieve something far less appealing, an aging uneven spaing experience in a treatment room and facilities that have seen better days.

Some of Landmark MO’s difficulties come from the minimalist decor, original to the building, which puts you down in a very plain waiting area in the lobby.  Uncomfortable benches with torn cushions.  This clearly should be addressed and changed right away.   You always equate the MO brand with being flawless, luxurious and opulent and this waiting area is none of those things.

LMO is the first spa I’ve ever come to that I can safely call shabby looking. Seems to have more floor space devoted to retail than waiting area comfort.


In the changing area, the lockers are done in a very clever L formation so you can have an Upper L for your clothes and the bottom for shopping bags.

Sorry no pic. 

The attendant wouldn’t leave me alone for a second!  It was also fun to be told to pay extra for the Hamam room.   The bathing area itself is very beautiful with Jacuzzi loungers that look like they’re floating on water.


These loungers are their special heated stone ones in the sauna area. Just feel like a gecko on there.

Black-clad therapists speak great English like most other spas in Hong Kong. Their sense of treatment time was a problem. Not sure whether New Years Day came into it or not but they shouldn’t be skimping on the alloted time.

90 minutes should be 90 minutes
regardless when you start!

Mr. Spaist was undercut 20 minutes from starting time and my therapist shaved some time too. This gives the Landmark a rather cheap feel, if, the therapists play games with the treatment time. Was also not a fan of their Oriental Essence oil.  Smells AWFUL when it dries on your skin and clothes.  It’s one oil I was happy to wash off and be away from.

There are moments of grace in the service, as in my therapist knew where my pain was. The spots that bothered me, etc. So strange, then, not to get the same emotional consideration for the time and day.


Not even the constant apologies of the assistant spa manager, their famous heat loungers and the Christmas decorations could save this spa from meh.

Hong Kong has many great hotel spas, and on 1/1/2016, the Landmark Oriental spa in Central was certainly not one of them.

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