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Most spa-able bathroom in Hong Kong: Upper House in Admiralty

I’ve been to all the luxe properties here in Hong Kong and the hotel with the prettiest tub and most Instagram friendly bathroom would have to go to the Upper House.

It’s not the fanciest, shiniest bathroom out there but it’s spacious and inviting (quite hard to get big tubs in Hong Kong!).  Giant views that go out for miles of the Peak or a recessed Harbour view.  


The only thing I would want is the tubs near the window for a better Harbour selfie shot!  😄


Bathing views from most rooms and suites are spectacular.  They really could lose the shower bathmat as they get absolutely drenched.  Bamboo mat might suit their bathrooms’ aesthetic more.

The bathroom toiletries are just…ok but a letdown at this price level and level of hotel sophistication. 

Grand Hyatt Fukuoka uses these same REN bottles in their suites.  REN works well enough but you expect something greater at Hong Kong’s most expensive rooms.  I know, I do when everything else is so well done.  Even bigger bottles would seem more luxurious and special than these.


I would want ’em to bring my favorite L’Occitane Lavender and Honeysuckle!  That would make the Upper House bathroom somewhere I’d never want to leave from.

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