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Fat shaming in the spa: Four Seasons Seoul

It’s not what she said but the way she said it. 

I know the therapist sees lithe and fit twentysomethings or Seoul ajummas in a “famous” spa like the spa at Four Seasons Seoul.  I’m not that way anymore with a deskbound job and tons of stress. Spas are supposed to be my happytime but this one time in Gwanghwamun.. 
I get we have to stick up for our staff but she shouldn’t tell me I’m swollen and fatigued.  They didn’t feel like the “gentle comments” that the general manager of Four Seasons Seoul claims. 

AT LEAST preface it by saying something encouraging.  “I see you have some swelling so I’m going to do some super duper technique to reduce it”


“I can feel you’re fatigued from. the work week so just relax because you’re in good hands.” 
Better yet,  say nothing!!! 

Koreans have a way of being very blunt. about things and it can rub people the wrong way.  I guess I’m more Western in that way. 



Rant over.  

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