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Best in Tokyo? Maybe…Aman Tokyo Spaing

There was no better spa to spend a Tokyo afternoon than Ritz Carlton Tokyo’s spa until I met Aman Tokyo again.  Sorry Ritz Carlton but I met someone new and will be leaving you…maybe, probably forever.   Miss Spaist last came to this Aman spa during their opening period in February 2014.  I remember coming away dissatisfied because of an uneven, disappointing treatment. This time was very, very different. As a spa enthusiast and lover, Aman Tokyo’s spa has EVERYTHING a lady could want – good lighting, chem-free products, spacious (claustrophobic is a word for many other Tokyo spas), Pilates (!), localized and the exotic (cosmetic acupuncture, Tibetan inspired, etc) for treatments, an amazing cityscape swimming pool and some of the top therapists in the city.   Everything I imagined, everything I was hoping for, and everything I could want in spa – city or resort.  It’s clear that the Aman powers-that-be put a lot of thought into this spa for the new wave of Aman wellness centers they would like to build. I was greeted …

My first Aman Experience: spaing at Aman Tokyo for Lunar New Year

I am an attentive spaist.  If the spa director is talking about her spa then I’m all ears. I like guided tours.  (How can I fault a spa if I haven’t seen all that they’re about) I do not interrupt treatments when they’re being done, for right or wrong. (Even the worst spa experience can turn out to be good blog material!) And I always constructively complain. (This blog helps put the sessions into perspective.) Which brings us to the 16 week old, Aman Tokyo spa, site of my second spa treatment in this Grand Tokyo Lunar New Year spaist adventure.   I came here without a fuss and hesitation when I heard the famed Aman group was building a Tokyo resort or hotel, even though I typically don’t like coming to ‘rookie’ spas. Rookie spas need time to come together, like AO spa at Andaz Tokyo, but this is Aman and usually they don’t make mistakes.    Aman Tokyo’s spa has enough stone that they probably bought their own quarry. It’s very spacious and accommodating, if …

Lunar New Year spaing: Tokyo bound

2/18 – Andaz Tokyo AO Spa A two hour jiyujizai treatment done by the FABULOUS Saori Yamaguchi! 2/19 – Aman Tokyo Facility tour and 90 minute facial at Tokyo’s newest spa.  Mr. Spaist accompanying. 2/20 – CHI spa at Shangri-la Tokyo 90 minute Inner Peace body massage treatment using Ila’s fantastic and relaxing Body Oil for Inner Peace. 2/21 -CHI spa, SL Tokyo The facial of all facials – Gingko