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Tokyo 2015 Fall spaing Part II (better than Part 1!)

While my other half does the work thing with the 2015 Tokyo International Boring…err Motor show.  I’ll be taking this spa show on the road of some of Tokyo and Kanagawa’s best spas 🙂 1. IZUMI spa at Hyatt Regency Hakone 2. AO Spa at Andaz Tokyo 3. Ritz Carlton Tokyo spa Wanted to but won’t. they charge non-guests ¥11,000 to use the spa. Who does that? I just don’t like when hotels do that because spaists are typically of a certain income bracket and going to shell out for a day of pampering.  A surcharge penalty for not being a hotel guest is wrong. Oh, and, Ritz Carlton corporate needs to update spa menu for Tokyo.  I read, heard, saw (here: Ritz Carlton Tokyo changes to Sodashi (Japanese) and here: Ritz Carlton Tokyo Press release! From the Lion’s mouth itself) through the luxury spa grapevine that they use Sodashi products now: Ritz Carlton Tokyo’s (old) spa menu  ===> FAIL that this is still up and nothing has been updated. (Available in Japanese though!?) 3.1 The Spa @ …

On and on it spins: breaking the wheel at Andaz Tokyo

This Game of Throne quote (with a twist) reminds me of Andaz Tokyo and its AO spa. “MO, Peninsula, Shangri-la, Ritz-Carlton, they’re all just spokes on a wheel.  This one’s on top and that one’s on top and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground. I’m not going to stop the wheel. I’m going to break the wheel.” THIS This is how I felt after going back to Andaz on Sunday evening.  AO’s concept is just so revolutionary for Tokyo, that, it really does break the water flowing, tranquil Thailand-esque spa wheel.

AO Spa – Making progress and then some at Andaz Tokyo

   Andaz Tokyo’s AO’s spa has finally grown up. When this spa opened in June 2014, it was a work in progress. I could see the potential in its concept and spa programs, an inimitable mash-up of an herbal, organic apothecary bar and chic, modern hotel spa facility.  It is a stylish contrast, with no traditional front desk and a inventive, seasonal welcome and ending beverages (I’m thinking about you AO spa winter hot chocolate!). The spa team were already smart and subtle in their plant, herbal concoctions. They remain so.  Dried sakura is one of the many seasonal friendly parts of one of my jiyujizai treatments, its bulb resting in different salts from around Asia and ready to be applied to my feet. Where AO spa stumbled early on in its infancy was in the treatment room, with mediocre treatments done by new, fresh therapists. Now, thanks to time and Ms. Suzuki (team lead and therapist), Andaz’s AO spa has reached its potential as both a remarkable Tokyo city spa and an excellent place to spend the day away. SIDENOTE: Was also a great weekend recovery from …