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Hyatt Regency Danang: Vie Spa review 

We stayed for three days at the Hyatt Regency Danang in an up and coming part of Vietnam.   It’s a very solid 4 star property but nothing more.  The spa beautifully designed in that Southeast Asia tropical way but a poor work ethic and some questionable attitudes bring it down in my eyes. It could,  also be closer to the resort with clearer signs on how to get there from the rooms and common areas. What I loved : Outdoor bath for treatment rooms I didn’t get time to use it but looks solo inviting! The not-so-good 1. Bait and Switch and the adamant receptionist I don’t like being told there’s one thing available and then it disappearing.  I thought I had successfully changed to a Four Hands treatment on the phone but the receptionist almost threatened my husband that I needed to come now for the previously planned 90 mind couple treatment.  I was fully immersed in my book by the pool.   IM NOT HOPSTEPPING because receptionist threatens to charge me for …

It’s behind room 2 at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

I’m just going to come out and say it.  Don’t spa at the Club Olympus at Grand Hyatt Jakarta.   It’s just awful. I was about to give up finding room 2 in their massive Club Olympus facility until lucking into my “spa” room. It’s most certainly subcontracted out to an outside company because no Hyatt employee would behave the way this therapist did. The therapist should just wear a sign saying paid by the minute because she wants you in and out.  No foot ritual or tea time either.  It’s cheap enough for a luxury hotel but the service was just one star level.  Not enough for Miss Spaist. #timewasted #grandhyattjakarta

lategram…err lazy late post – stillwater spa, Park Hyatt Toronto

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. This spaist adventure at stillwater spa, Park Hyatt Toronto was one of the weirdest I ever experienced as a spaist.   I liken it to getting your yearly check up at an OB-GYN or specialist doctor.  As you can see, the form down below was only missing a spot asking for my social… The waiting room was like waiting at a doctor’s clinic as well.  You wait for your number to be called and then you go in.    They’re really trying to cover all their bases here in Canada.  Gynacology – check! (Side note: I do find it interesting how you can use a Stillwater spa visit for insurance purposes.  Korean insurance companies would hate this SOOOO much.)   The jacuzzi was showing its age and just enough for one person.  Don’t come here for the public facilities. A very spartan treatment room to say the least and wasn’t very comfortable either.   Just very plain and utilitarian.  I would dare say, my clinic’s space and beds are more welcoming …

My Spirulina Spa Sunday at Park Hyatt Busan

Yesterday’s spa treatment was very last minute and from one of my “local” spas in Park Hyatt Busan.  Can’t always be gallivanting in BKK or Tokyo! As previewed here:  preview Bright Body package -Lumi Spa, PH Busan The treatment was going to use a Spirulina complex in a body slimming program for 90 minutes. Spirulina is a nutrient-rich freshwater plant that is high in protein.  In fact, it’s one of the most concentrated nutrient sources on the planet with as much calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as milk and more B12 than raw calve liver.  Its marine blue-green color comes from chlorophyll, making it both supremely healthy and can be used in Summer drinks (more on this later). The treatment broke down as follows: 60 minute body massage 20 minute Spirulina body wrap with cleansing shower (by yourself) 10 minute Kerstin Florian algae facial The final result was my relaxation, super smooth and hydrated skin that felt refreshed from sweaty Korean June.  Anna had great short, powerful strokes and just the thing I needed after a Seoul business …

Summer Bamboo: the seasonal toiletry scent at Andaz Tokyo

  Probably, my favorite most hotel toiletry amenities in all of Asia.  The Andaz normal and Large room amenities are from a Japanese local company “Pelican Soap” and it’s now light, refreshing bamboo scent for the summer months.  The suites use a French brand named Argan (I prefer these normal ones). Winter saw yuzu, as its a traditional Japanese bathing habit to put fresh yuzu in the bathwater.  The shampoo lathers quite well and that’s important to Miss Spaist.  Wouldn’t be surprised if you called your Andaz Host and asked for one, or three of each to take home;).